Corporate Info:

PhantomPlate, makers of PhotoBlocker Spray, PhotoShield, Reflector cover and eBook Fight Back! How To Fight Red Light and Speed Camera Tickets In Court!, has designed and manufactures passive anti red light camera, anti speed camera and anti-photo-radar defenses. Our products are proven to work. Tested by several Police Departments and Investigative media reports from around the world. We have been in business since for over a decade serving law abiding drivers who are sick and tired of big brothers pretext of road safety to pick drivers pockets. Over the years we have grown leaps and bounds into the world's largest manufacturer of passive anti-red light camera and anti-speed camera products. Our products are worlds best selling covers and sprays. Discover about Photoblocker Spray. No More UNJUST Traffic Ticket! Don't Let Them Take Your CA$H In A FLA$H! (Note: Our products are not designed to defeat tool cameras. We do not condone speeding, running red lights and avoiding toll fees.)

Proven Products:

Our products have been independently tested and proven to work by several Departments, TV Stations and automotive magazines. Our independent dealers and distributors have sold PhotoShield and PhotoBlocker to tens of thousands of motorists around the world.