Reflector™ Cover

Clear and inconspicuous. Cops can't tell you have it on.

Best Reflector™ Cover

The Reflector™ helps prevent costly tickets. Made of a high-quality clear plastic that is coated with the light
reflecting crystals. The Reflectoroverexposes photo radar and red light camera pictures by reflecting the flash back to the camera and blinding it.

How does the Reflector™ Cover work?

The light reflecting particles embedded in the Reflector cover act as miniature mirrors helping to reflect the powerful flash from a red light or speed camera.The result is an overexposes and unreadable picture that prevents a costly ticket.

  • Clear Transparent Cover
  • Inconspicuous to the Naked Eye
  • No plate distortion when viewed at an angle.
  • Very Effective
  • Quick & Easy Installation Pays for itself the first time it works. Note: Thousands of satisfied customers. US and Canadian sizes only. Buy it before you get a ticket.
  • Media Review it Works

  • Anti Flash & Infrared Cameras
  • OverExposed = No Ticket

"This spray makes license plates illegible by -enforcement cameras by reflecting the flash back at the camera. "

- Wall Street Journal

Notes : We do not Condone the use of our product to defeat toll booth cameras.

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Worlds best selling anti-camera Plate

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Worlds best selling anti-camera Plate

If they can't read your tag, you don't get a ticket.

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