Dealer Testimonial3


I had a very successful weekend selling PhotoBlocker. I sold over $9630.00 in PhotoBlockers in one day. It was amazing. We had our booth plastered with huge posters and banners. We even had a mock-up red light camera that was flashing visitors as they strolled past our booth. The flash could be seen from anywhere on the floor and it was getting us a lot of attention. We also had one of our salesgirl dressed up as a officer issuing citations to the passersby. She would pull aside the people walking by and give them a “Speeding ticket” for walking too fast. People were so amused and impressed by our promotional technique they were curious to know what we were selling. They were glued to the TV monitors watching the DVD that had all the and news test results. Ten or more would watch the videos and then when one guy says I will take one, six or seven would also yell “I will take 2”, “save me one” and they would be lined up with money in their hands. The more people lined up the more people were coming over to see what the commotion was all about. We were constantly busy until we run out. I can’t afford to run out next time.

Everyone including the owners and promoters of the show loved PhotoBlocker. They even have off duty Officers that work there and they too have purchased cans of PhotoBlocker. Now what does that say about the product?

Please send me an invoice for 2,500 cans. Will I get a better price at this quantity?