Dealer Testimonial6

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to let you know how well the news stories on this product have really gotten the word out. People come up to me at the flea market and they say “Hey man it’s that stuff I have seen on TV, you know the spray that keeps you from getting a ticket from red-light cameras?”. People also mention the Washington Post article as well as the TV news clips on the product. Keep up the good work with the media exposure, it only helps us dealers make more sales.

“My neighbor’s father owns a concrete company, and his company is always getting those red-light tickets in the mail. You know it’s a lot harder trying to stop a concrete truck loaded with concrete than it is a car. For the longest time I have been telling him to use PhotoBlocker on those trucks, but he would blow it off. Finally, just recently he got fed up enough, that he came knocking at my door asking “Hey Bob, you got any more of that PhotoBlocker, I need some man, I’m getting tired of this” He promptly bought 5 cans!!! We’ll wait to here further from him after a couple months without tickets, I’m sure he’ll be ecstatic. I’ll let you know.”

“While working the area flea markets over the weekend and selling PhotoBlocker over the past months and part of last year. I have people shaking my hand thanking me for PhotoBlocker. Seems many of these people drive in Washington, DC every day, and they were tired of paying half of what they earned to the government. Just wanted to let you know how appreciative people are of the product. Keep up the good work”