Customer Testimonial8

So I’m thinking this phantom plate cover and special spray is just good for avoiding getting nasty and uncalled for red light tickets posted at random intersections.

NO, my friend…even though I wasn’t speeding in one instance..(or was I ?).A speed trap was set up under a bridge. You should have seen the cops face as he looked befuddled as to why after aiming his photo radar whatever gun at me…and getting NOTHING. HA. Boy did he feel confident stepping out in front of my moving vehicle only to just let me whiz by. Huh.

Second time on busy two-way in the local area….One female cop aimed a photo laser gun standing next to a telephone pole (on the curb)…Then another male cop 20-30 feet behind would signal speeder to pull over. This one caught me by surprise. All I know is, while it was too late to change speed…This woman appeared in the seconds I had observing her…Was trying to thinker with her “gun.” Another look of disappointment or confusion on her face. hehe.

Another day of good work for captain phantom.