Customer Testimonial9

Hi Joe,

Just wanna let you know the result of me almost getting caught by a -camera even though I was using the PhotoBlocker… I wrote to you awhile ago telling you that I got a ticket. You asked for a copy of it. Well, I never got it. I don’t know if you are aware of it, but in Norway, they use a lot of digital cameras with flash alongside the roads. These cameras operate in such a way that you can fool it with PhotoBlocker spray.

I’ll explain more. First, what happened to my ticket? They emailed me the ticket, noting that I could come down to the station and check. I did. They had this huge machine that showed the black & white picture of the front of the car. The plate was all white. It was amazing it was all overexposed just the way PhotoBlocker claims. “So, there’s no number on the plate – how do you know it’s my car?”, I said… “Oh”, the female cop said. “Check this!” She turned a knob, and slowly the picture got darker until you could somewhat make out the characters on the tag… “Shit!”,I said silently to myself… “But you still can’t tell what the numbers are. That one could be an “8” or “0”” and the other one, it could be a “B” or a “D”.” I said. “You can’t do that. You can’t doctor the image. You are tampering with evidence. That is not admissible in the court of law.” I added. She was dumbfounded. I could tell she was totally caught by surprise. “I will have to get my supervisors,” she said looking at me with disgust. “You better! I replied”, confident that she didn’t know what to do. I knew I was on to something. My brain was working overtime. I knew they could not tamper with the picture. All they did is make it blurry enough to guess what the characters could be. I knew I could beat them in court if they dared to find me. After a while, she came back from the back office and she said “You don’t have to pay for it today. We will investigate and get back to you with a decision.” She said. I knew I had made it.Long story, but it’s been six months and I haven’t heard anything more from her, so I guess I’m off the hook. I figured they dropped the charges. So, the point is: Photoblocker did what it was supposed to do. It overexposed the image to the point where it was white. The argument that you could look at the negative of an overexposed image and read the tag number is bogus. The inverse of an overexposed white blob is a black blob and vice versa. Besides, they can not ‘TAMPER WITH EVIDENCE’. It won’t stand in court. They know that and now we know it. Thanks, guys. You have earned a loyal customer. Keep up the good work.

Just to let you know.